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For me Podcasts are my radio, I am bored of listening to BBC Radio 1 playing the same song all day, I need to stimulate my brain with knowledge I want to listen to and Podcasts fill that gap in my life. If you have been living under a rock and not sure what a podcast is let me explain:

A Podcast is a way a normal person is able to talk about their specialist niche and upload it to the internet so other people can listen to it. They are normally part of a series and subscribers to the podcast will automatically receive the new episode.

What I like about Podcasts is there is no cookie cutter for them and people can talk about anything on them

If the niche is on the internet, there will be a podcast about it.

Below I have picked a few podcasts that I listen to, that will help you find something new to listen to and hopefully get you to love Podcasts as much as I do.

Business & Entrepreneurial

Eonfire – Entrepreneur on fire (Eonfire) is a award winning podcast that interviews entrepreneurs 7 days a week. One thing you will find with Eonfire is its consistency with episodes. 7 days a week you could have the host John Lee Dumas bathing your ears with top quality interviews with inspiring business owners / entrepreneurs. He is well into his 1300+ episodes and not stopping any time soon. He just doesn’t interview business owners but also authors, fitness professionals, other inspiring people … the list is endless (just like this list of episodes).

His episodes are around on average 30 minutes in length so it’s a perfect length for myself to listen to in the car in the morning and fill my mind with some inspirational business talk. Eonfire does get my fire burning to want to be an inspiring business owner myself and if you start listening to him, you may feel the same way.


Life, Motivation, Inspiration

Lewis Howes – Lewis is the first podcast I ever listened too, I needed a way to start developing my life and after browsing the iOS podcast app I was drawn to Lewis Howes. Lewis is a New York Times best selling Author of the School of Greatness, a high performance business coach and a keynote speaker but before all of that he started his podcast which is a top ranked self-help podcast.

His episodes are a lot longer the Eonfire and run into the 1hour/1 hour and a half region but it is full of quality content. His podcasts focuses mainly on speaking to inspiring people and talking about their life. He also puts very small podcasts out that are what I call “Nuggets of inspiration” that do give myself some much needed motivation.

Lewis has now started to get some extremely high profile people on his podcast. Rainn Wilson (from the Office US) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from the Matrix) are 2 examples of people you may know that he has recently interviewed but every interview he does is amazing.


The next podcast, before I go into what it is and its name, I would state it is a very “Not Safe For Work” topic and shouldn’t be listened to in on a speaker and in a public place. Reason being it does talk about the taboo genre of “sex” and it is UPROARIOUSLY FUNNY!

My dad wrote a porno – this is the best podcast I have ever heard. Not only is it the most unique podcast you can find in the world and at the time of writing this it is number 9 in the top charts for iTunes Podcasts, it is also an extremely funny podcast. The synopsis of it is that, the hosts father has wrote a porno called Belinda Blinked. This is a story of Belinda starting a new job in the sales industry and her … adventures.

Honestly the book they are reading is one of the funniest books I have ever heard and the commentary on the podcast makes it that much better! The production value is quality and the laughs just keep coming. All I can say is Titanic, you need to listen to it to understand it. Also a free plug from them is that on the 4th July the new season for book 2 is being released and I can’t wait for it!


What kind of podcasts, if any do you listen to? Share some of your favorites ones below in the comments.

Also keep your eyes on the website our podcast will be starting soon and I would love you to listen and subscribe to it.